About Us

WAFAB International – A Silicon Valley Equipment Leader Since 1979

Wafab International was founded in 1979 with the goal of becoming a leading supplier of manufacturing tools for the global microelectronics industry. The company began as a supplier of components and small process tools for the semiconductor industry. Initially, Wafab started working with one of Silicon Valley’s premier semiconductor companies to design and fabricate one of the first recirculating cleaning tanks for silicon wafers. The company continued design and product development of other process tools used in ultraclean environments and presently offers more than 50 standard products.

Wafab International also expanded into the development of complete turnkey wet process systems and support equipment for diverse applications, including silicon wafer etch and critical cleans, precious metal plating, chemical management systems and other sophisticated process equipment. Wafab has invested in a 28,000 sq. foot facility in Livermore, CA, acquired numerous fabrication tools and has invested in the support facilities required for specialized manufacturing. Today Wafab is one of the oldest and most successful OEM equipment suppliers serving the global microelectronics industry.

Why Work With WAFAB?

The management at Wafab International has always valued their long term relationships with their customers. Our proven track record of providing, high quality, cost-effective products and services has served as the basis for the company to build such strong relationships. Many customers and employees of the company are electronics industry veterans who understand the unique requirements of the semiconductor and solar manufacturing industries.  This experience translates into fast turnaround of high quality, custom-designed manufacturing equipment at competitive prices.

Company milestones

  • 1979 – Company founded – designed and built the first “quick dump rinser”
  • 1980 – introduced first center feed “recirculating bath” to the semiconductor industry
  • 1995 – manufactured first acid and solvent wet benches
  • 2000 – installed first CNC tool and began purchasing other equipment to boost production capability
  • 2001 – built first linear robot station – designed first plating station – built first PLC controlled chemical dispense system
  • 2004 – purchased 28,000 sq ft building in Livermore, CA
  • 2006 – implemented manufacturing resource planning system and upgraded company documentation
  • 2012 – installed thermoforming equipment, added CNC mills and other equipment to shop
  • 2013 – has manufactured equipment for over 30 college universities nationwide.
  • 2017 – Kinetics Holding acquires Wafab