Leadership Team

Jorge Freitas, General Manager

Jorge Freitas was first employed by Wafab International in 1995, working as a fabricator. He excelled in his field and quickly learned the business, including the leadership skills necessary for a successful organization. In 1998, Jorge assumed the role of president and owner. Through his applied knowledge and experience in the designing and manufacturing of wet chemical tools, he has helped to establish Wafab International as a leader in processing equipment within the semiconductor industry.

Jorge Freitas will continue to act as general manager of the Kinetics subsidiary Wafab International and will be in charge of manufacturing operations.

Frank Gavin, Sales Manager

Frank Gavin has acted as sales manager for Wafab International since 2010. He has 40 years of sales and marketing experience in the semiconductor and photovoltaic capital equipment industry. Previously, he has held positions with both German and Japanese companies specializing in wafer cleaning and electroplating technologies. Frank is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley.