Specialty Products

Wafab also designs and manufacturers an extensive line of specialty products to meet customers’ semiconductor manufacturing needs, including our specialized quartz tanks for plastic thermoforming processing.

Quartz Tanks

Our Megatherm™ High Temperature Quartz Baths were developed for resist stripping, RCA cleans, and silicon nitride etch.

Bottle Wash Stations

Wafab’s standard bottle wash station was designed to clean and hold up to 8 one-gallon bottles

Recirculating Baths

The first Center Feed™ recirculating and filtered bath for the semiconductor industry. The Chemkleen™ bath is primarily used for HF, BOE, and KOH applications.

Immersion Pumps

Wafab designed its immersion pumps exclusively to meet the rigorous requirements of the semiconductor industry for recirculating, filtered etch modules.

Temp Controlled Recirculating Equipment

Temperature Controlled Circulators

WHRV™ and WHO™ are specifically designed to control temperature in filtered etch modules and other types of chemical tanks.

Pump Stations

Wafab’s Chemblast™ series of pump stations are designed for situations where there is no AWN available, or the process tool is located away from the AWN.

Quick Dump Rinser

The Microkleen™ Quick Dump Rinser is designed with top adjustable spray rails, external bottom fill rails, and a larger dump door allowing it to dump in seconds.

Desiccator Cabinets

Whenever humidity-sensitive devices need environmental protection, Wafab’s product line of desiccator shelves and storage cabinets are indispensible.

Glove Boxes

Glove Boxes and other containment chambers are available in custom designs for every application and budget.

Bottle Carts

Bottle Carts are indispensible in active work areas where a handy and safe means for transporting bottled chemicals is required.

Quartz Cleaning Systems

Wafab offers special quartz tube cleaning systems for thorough internal and external tube surface cleaning of diffusion tubes and similar quartzware.

Work Tables

Wafab also offers competitively priced custom configured steel work tables.